Chuèrra – Cannonau di Sardegna DOC (cl.75)


Auf Lager.


This superb wine is obtained from the selection of the best Cannonau grapes. This process, combined with the modern techniques of wine-making, gives life to a vintage wine. Serving suggestions It’s excellent with important starters, Sardinian salami, roasted red meat. The wine is gorgeous served at a temperature of 15-18°C. Open the bottle one hour prior to the meal. General characteristics Alcohol content: 14°C. With a deep ruby red colour, this wine offers a soft and warm bouquet of violets and blackberries. Grapes used: Cannonau, selected in the best vines of the ‚ Poderi di Jerzu ‚. Methods of production The Wine-making is obtained from the pressing and the fermentation of strictly selected grapes; kept, subsequently, in wooden barriques for about a year.

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